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Employment Terms & Conditions Contract

Step B. Read the Service Agreement then complete the declaration below.

Complete the Declaration form below:

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Yes I Agree.
I have read & agreed to all Terms & Conditions in the Exotic X Entertainment & Exotic Exposure "Service Agreement" which is located online at www.exoticx.com.au/employment/contract/

You can upload them in the online form here on Step B or email them to info@exoticx.com.au
You can also Text these if you can not email them: 0451161216

- Professional Photos:  As many as you have (if you have any)  

- Non Edited Photos:  At least 1   

- Photo ID/ Proof of Age: We legally require to check you are over 18 Year old, we also need to check that your name & photos match whats on your ID.
- You can take a photo or scan it then email or text if you cant email.

- Responsible Service of Alcohol: (If you have one) 
You will ONLY need to have a RSA for any waitressing at corporate venues where you work with alcohol. Private Parties you dont need one. If you do not have one you can complete online RSA extremely cheap at www.hia.edu.au  



This Agreement is made between:

STEVEN REID ENTERPRISES PTY LTD Trading as Exotic X Entertainment & Exotic Exposure

(Exotic X Entertainment/ Exotic Exposure) and


The Applicant applying with Exotic X Entertainment/ Exotic Exposure ("You")



A. You are engaged in the business of providing entertainment services in Australia.

B. Exotic X Entertainment provides services in the form of marketing and client referral services ("the Services") to you, including, but not limited to, services as set out in Schedule A.

C. This may include referral to Private Clients, and the opportunity to perform work for Corporate Clients through Exotic X Entertainment or Exotic Exposure (Modelling Agency).

D. You have agreed to engage Exotic X Entertainment/ Exotic Exposure to provide some or all of the Services, subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.



The services performed by Exotic X Entertainment & Exotic Exposure are to provide general client leads, marketing and related duties for you. These services include, but are not limited to:-

(a) Identification and coordination of client events, promotions and opportunities for the contractor to perform entertainment services;

(b) Marketing and advertising.


In order to be accepted into our agency you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be 18 years or older.
  2. Be VERY Organised and Extremely reliable(A lot of our clients are hiring you for a once in a life time event: Buck/Hens party)
  3. Have your own reliable transport or have a reliable driver.
  4. Treat this job seriously like any other job: Professional, Punctual, and Presentable.
  5. Have a great work ethic and want to earn great money for having fun while at work.
  6. Respect Company rules, regulations, terms and conditions.
  7. Have a courteous, pleasant and professional manner regardless of the situation.
  8. Can listen to positive and negative feedback and use this to enhance your performance development for a positive outcome.
  9. Be a team player: work with other entertainers and our management team.
  10. You are Honest and Trustworthy.
  11. Have the ability to learn new skills and take direction.
  12. You are a social person and enjoy meeting and talking to different people.
  13. Be Comfortable with your body, have self confidence and take pride in your appearance.
  14. Can keep your personal life from affecting your work ethics. (This include relationships & partners)
  15. You must have an ABN (Australian Business Number) or be able to obtain one. (Free at: www.abr.gov.au)


YOU MUST NOT BE:                                                           

  1. You are not Unmanageable, Unreliable or Unorganised.
  2. You are not a manager or owner of an agency in the same industry as: Modelling, promotional modelling, adult entertainment or related business.

1.1. Application form: Please fill out all the details otherwise we may not be able to process it. If you unsure of a question leave it blank and we will contact you. This application form lets you apply for work from Exotic Exposure Modelling Agency as well as Exotic X Entertainment.

1.2. Photos: Please email as many professional or high quality photos as you like. We also would like to see 1-2 unprofessional/ unedited photos showing your face and full body figure. (Preferable in Bikini/Lingerie).

Photos can also be emailed to: info@exoticx.com.au

1.3. Proof Of Age: You must produce proof of age above 18 years old. Take a photo or scan Drivers Licence/Passport or 18+ Card then attach/email it to: info@exoticx.com.au

1.4. “Services Agreement Terms and Conditions”: Please make sure you read every detail of these contracts and if you are unsure about anything that is in them, please ask and we will be happy to explain it. By applying and accepting bookings with Exotic X Entertainment you are agreeing to our Service agreement and Terms and Conditions.




  1. This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions on which Exotic X Entertainment agrees to provide the Services to you and you agree to acquire the services of Exotic X Entertainment.


  1. You agree to engage Exotic X Entertainment for the purpose of carrying out the Services.
  1. In providing entertainment services to clients of Exotic X Entertainment, you will use your best endeavours to conform the Exotic X Entertainment's requirements as may be notified to you from time to time by Exotic X Entertainment (either in writing or orally).
  1. Neither party to this Agreement, nor their agents and employees pursuant to this Agreement, shall become a partner or employee of the party and nothing contained in this Agreement is intended to create such a relationship.
  1. Neither party has the authority to legally bind or make representations on the behalf of the other party.
  1. No superannuation entitlements from Exotic X Entertainment will be payable to you (or your agents or employees).
  2. All documents, contracts and equipment provided to you in relation to the entertainment services to be performed remain the sole property of Exotic X Entertainment and must be produced immediately on request by Exotic X Entertainment.



8. Exotic X Entertainment will create you a Portfolio on various sites we use for advertising our entertainers. We may also add you to our Exotic Exposure Modelling Agency website. Your portfolio will include some brief info, photos, and your rates. We display this portfolio online and we also have hard copy portfolios that we distribute to our advertising agents to get your more bookings.

We may also use your photos for our advertising media eg. Online media, still photographic advertising, TV commercials, marketing media and other forms of advertising that will get you work.

8.1. Please keep us updated with any new info on your address and contact details, working regions, appearance, awards or magazine appearances and new photos.

  • To update your info and photos: complete your name/ contact details on a new application form and update any new info along with attaching new photos.

8.2. We generally only advertise professional photos on your portfolio however we do like to see non-professional/ unedited photos to show your true appearance.



9. There are two separate rates: Private and Corporate. Private rates are for Private parties and these are the main rates that you will get booked for most jobs. Corporate rates are for pub and club where we have regular contracts and work with. Most Corporate rates are a set rate for everyone and can be cheaper then private rates due to the consistency of work.

9.1. If you’re unsure of what rates to charge please leave it blank on the application and we will give you a recommendation.

9.2. The rates that you agree to work for with Exotic X Entertainment must not be any higher than the rates you charge any other agencies.

9.3. The rates you provide must be the Net amount of the service, Exotic X Entertainment will add our commission on top of the rates you give us which will equal the gross amount of the service.

9.4. If you perform private work for your own customers outside of Exotic X Entertainment, we request you to charge the gross amount which is the same rates Exotic X Entertainment charges for your services. If you’re unsure of what the gross rates are for your services: Just add 25% on top of the rates you charge Exotic X Entertainment. This works out the same as:

Exotic X Entertainment’s price (Gross amount) – 20% Commission = Your Rate (Net Amount).

9.5. Once you have given us your rates, you cannot change them for 6months. 1st January/ 1st July each year.

9.6. When deciding what rates to charge: please choose very careful and talk to us before charging or changing your rates. Keep in mind during the busy season you may get be getting a lot of work even with high rates, however when it’s the off season you will struggle to get work with high rates. We advise to have reasonable rates that will get you work all year round. We will give you guides to what our other entertainers are charging so you can compare your rates to the other entertainers you are competing against for bookings.

9.7. Last Minute Jobs and Public Holidays: You may request to charge extra for taking bookings on public holidays or bookings that called in with less than 4hours notice. However if you request extra money for these bookings you may lose the job to another entertainer that hasn’t charged extra. We will generally try to get you more money for these bookings where we can.


  1. Availability:

10.a We know you get busy, but we like our entertainers to try to accept all bookings where our client has specifically requested you. These jobs usually lead to you getting repeat bookings from the client.

10.b. When our clients don’t request an entertainer specifically, we will send out bulk text messages to see who is available for a booking. Usually we get a few entertainers reply straight away and they usually get the booking. So please reply ASAP.

10.c. The availability message will include limited info with: Date, Time, Service and Town. This message does not mean you have been booked for this job. When you receive a message starting with “CONFIRMED BOOKING” with all the details that is when you know you have been booked.


10.1 Confirmed Bookings:

A. When you get a message starting with “CONFIRMED BOOKING”: we will send you all the details including: Booking Reference, Date/Time, Location, Client Name, Type of celebration, Approx number of guest, Special request, Service required, and Payment details. Occasionally we may need to give you more information on the day (eg. Motel rooms or contact numbers).

B. All booking messages must be replied to within 4hours and accept or decline the booking. When confirming you have received the booking, please include the booking reference in the reply as we may send you multiple bookings at once and are not sure what booking you’re confirming. (eg. 3002James – Yes I accept)

C. Once you have confirmed a booking, you have committed to that booking and it cannot be altered or changed in any way unless authorised by Exotic X Entertainment.

D. We will not double check with you again or confirm your still ok to work once you have confirmed a booking.

E. Make sure you write all the job details in your Diary or in your Calendar on your phone and SET A REMINDER for: 1 day before and 4hours before your start time so you don’t forget!

F. Exotic X Entertainment is your advertising agent, once we get you the booking, our services have been provided. You will be responsible for paying Exotic X Entertainment’s commission for your booking if you don’t provide the services booked! When you don’t provide the service you agreed to, Exotic X Entertainment has to refund our booking fee that the client paid as a deposit at the time you confirmed and agreed to the booking. This booking fee covers our advertising, administration and booking staff wages.

10.2. Arriving on time: (Always arrive 15mins early to any bookings)

A. Make sure you plan your booking in advance so you don’t have any unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from providing the service booked.

B. Look up the address on a current map so you know how to get there.

C. Allow yourself enough time for travel to account for: Road works, Peak Traffic, Parking, getting lost & Car Troubles.

D. Allow enough time once you arrive to: collect payment, introduce yourself to the client and explain the rules, Shows: get in costume/ prepare props/ set up music.

E. You should be STARTING on time, NOT arriving on time.

10.3 Costumes:

Please make sure you have your costumes & props prepared before your booking. Costumes must be clean and look professional. If you get requested for a specific costume you must arrive in that costume otherwise advise us at the time of booking if you do not have the requested costume.

A. Exotic X Entertainment has costumes for hire for entertainers in some areas. You must pay a fee to hire these and you will also need to pay a deposit which will be returned at the time the costume is returned in full and with no damage.

B. The hiring of costumes must be arranged when you receive the booking so they don’t get booked out. The costumes can only be picked up on the day of the booking and must be dropped back before Midday the following day (12:00).

C. Hired costumes must be washed before returning. If any Items are missing or damaged, you will not receive your deposit back.


10.4 Cancellation of Bookings

Where a booking for entertainment services has been allocated to you and you are no longer able to perform the job, you are required to call Exotic X Entertainment and keep calling until you speak to someone. If you can not get a hold of anyone, you must text to let us know then continue to keep calling until you speak to someone.

10.4A. Once you have accepted a booking by confirmed in writing, you must complete the job as describe. If you are unable to complete the job you accepted by confirming in writing, Exotic X Entertainment will require you to pay the amount that would have been paid to Exotic X Entertainment as the booking fee and commission, had the job been performed. This booking fee and commission covers our time and resources used to obtain you the booking and refer you to Exotic X Entertainment’s client. This commission is a booking fee for our client referral services. Once we have referred you to Exotic X Entertainment’s clients, our services have been completed. It is your obligation to complete the job you accepted. 


  1. Private Clients: Most bookings for parties are Private Clients.

Private Clients may pay you directly.

A. Exotic X Entertainment collects the Commission as a deposit to secure the booking with the client. This booking fee is Exotic X Entertainment’s commission for the predetermined services you are booked for.

B. The client has to pay the remaining amount left which is the total amount you are owed for this booking at your rates.

C. If Exotic X Entertainment is unable to receive a deposit and booking fee previous to the booking, you are required to collect the full amount including Exotic X Entertainments commission and pay Exotic X Entertainment any fees for any bookings you attend within 7 days. You will be notified when you receive the booking details if you are to collect Exotic X Entertainment’s Commission for the booking. We will send you an invoice so you can claim the services against tax.

D. This amount should be collected in cash on arrival at the job.

E. You are responsible for collecting your own money and only your money.

F. It is your responsibility to count the money in front of the client to ensure the correct amount has been paid. If this is not done, any discrepancies are at your expense.

G. It is your responsibility to claim your bookings as an income with the Australian Taxation Office; we do not monitor or control your invoices for private bookings as they are a separate transaction. We claim our booking fee/commission for our client referral service as a separate transaction.

11.1 Corporate Clients: Any booking where the client requires an invoice from Exotic X Entertainment with the total service amount will be classed as a corporate client. Majority of corporate clients will be businesses like pubs/ clubs or businesses holding xmas parties at private functions. Any client who pays the total service amount in full prior to the booking will be classed as a corporate client.

A. Should a Corporate Client make direct payment to Exotic X Entertainment, on receipt of these fees by Exotic X Entertainment, you will be paid by Exotic X Entertainment a predetermined fee, which is a per cent of the total job fee charged to each client it books, which shall be no less than that fee.

B. Where Exotic X Entertainment receives direct payment from a Corporate Client, you are required to complete and send an invoice to office@stevenreidenterprises.com.au

- You can also send us invoices online via our website www.exoticx.com.au/staff-login at the “STAFF LOGIN” page. We will give you the password with your booking confirmation.

C. Exotic X Entertainment will pay you within 7 days of receipt of the completed invoice. We do all our pays on a Thursday each week. It can take up to 24-48 hours on the first transaction.

D. You acknowledge your responsibility to comply with your obligations in respect of taxation, entitlements and superannuation.

11.2. Invoices & ABN:

You require an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Please read about applying for free, tax advantages & managing your finances here: www.exoticx.com.au/employment/abn-guide/

For taxation purposes, you are responsible for creating your own invoices and keeping a record of them for the services you perform through Exotic X Entertainment. You MUST address your invoices to whoever you get paid from.

- Private Clients - Addressed To: “Clients name”. (Private Clients won’t require a copy; this is just for your records for the Australian Taxation Office)

- Corporate Clients Addressed To: Exotic X Entertainment. (This is when we pay you direct. We will advise you on your booking if Exotic X Entertainment pays you directly)

On your Invoice it must be addressed To: (who ever pays you), include the word “Invoice”, an Invoice number (Use the booking reference), date of the job, your name /registered contractor name, ABN, services provided, total $ amount you get paid for the booking.


 12. Professionalism: We offer premium entertainment services that are fun and professional. Our entertainers must be professional at all times and strive to make the booking as fun and entertaining as possible. Please remember to use caution and consideration when performing as some people may take offense to certain occurrences.

12.1. Drivers/ Security: You are welcome to take someone with you to help you set up for shows only! There is not to be any person that has not been booked by Exotic X Entertainment at jobs with you for waitressing/waiting services.

A. If you need a driver to give you a lift to your waitressing/ waiting services they must stay outside unless the agency & client is notified and agree to this and there is an acceptable reason.

B. If you refer to the person assisting with your shows as security, they must hold a current Security license and crowd control license for the state they are working in.

C. NO Boyfriend/Girlfriends aloud to be present at any of your services as this is a conflict of interest!

12.2. Contact Details: Any entertainer performing adult entertainment must comply with the State Laws and legislation.

A. While working with Exotic X Entertainment or any affiliated clients you must not give out any details (inc. Contact details) to clients or anyone participating in any adult services/ entertainment. This could be classed as prostitution or escorting. Escorting agencies are illegal in some states and Exotic X Entertainment does not take part in or provide any escorting services.

B. If any staff member is caught exchanging contact details, you could be charged and Exotic X Entertainment can seek compensation through court proceedings for any loss of revenue for future work with our clients.

12.3. Promoting The Agency: You must only promote Exotic X Entertainment while on jobs we book/ refer you to. This includes our clients we have given you leads to for jobs present and past.

A. You MUST NOT market/ advertise/ promote (includes hinting or leaving information) regarding any other agency, club, business or person to our clients.

B. If you are provided with marketing material from Exotic X Entertainment you must use this to promote us, this will get you future bookings.

C. Any entertainer caught breaking these rules will be instantly removed from our agency and serious action will be taken which could include legal action including compensation from loss of future revenue.

12.4. Extra services: Any extra services performed at the job must be confirmed by the agency. If a clients request you to perform extra services other then what you have been booked for, the client must ring Exotic X Entertainment to confirm and pay a commission fee. If they do not do this, you will be responsible for notifying Exotic X Entertainment of the extra services and a 20% commission must be paid to Exotic X Entertainment. If any extra services are performed and Exotic X Entertainment does not receive a 20% commission, this will be classed as stealing and we will deal with the situation seriously.

12.6. Alcohol & Drugs: Exotic X Entertainment does not permit our entertainers to be intoxicated by drugs or alcohol as it is not safe to be working under the influence and this may affect your ability to perform and stay professional.

A. You must hold a current Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) if you are serving alcohol in a licensed event or any place where a RSA is required. Please be responsible when serving alcohol in any situation and use your sensible judgement.

12.7. After The Job:

You are not to stay back and associate with the client, friends or associates of the clients or event after your paid services are completed for any reason.


13. In consideration of the parties entering into this Agreement and to reasonably protect the goodwill of the business, it is agreed that without the prior written consent of the other party, you will not during the continuation of this Agreement and for a period of twelve (12) months after the termination of this Agreement, whether directly or indirectly, for the period specified in this clause:

(a) Induce or solicit or accept the approach of any employee or other person engaged by Exotic X Entertainment to leave the employment or engagement of Exotic X Entertainment or to commence employment or other type of engagement with you or any other person or entity; or

(b) Induce or solicit or accept the approach of any client, past or present, referred by Exotic X Entertainment, with the view to performing entertainment services directly without payment of the fee specified in Clauses 16 and 16.1.

13.1. In this clause, a reference to you will include any other person or entity in which you have any connection or involvement with (no matter how remote) including any company in which you are a director, shareholder, employee, in partnership with or agent or any other relationship whatsoever.

13.2. The parties agree that any combination of the acts referred to in clause 18.1 would be unfair and calculated to damage the business of Exotic X Entertainment.

13.3. The parties agree that each of the separate covenants and restraints in clause 18.3 are reasonable.


13.4. The parties agree that if any provision of this clause is considered excessive or invalid by any court, or at any other time at the discretion of a party, Exotic X Entertainment may notify you of a variation of this clause specifying reduced obligation and or period. Upon service of such notice, the obligation and or period will be so reduced and the parties agree to be bound by the provisions of this clause varied by the notice. Nothing in this clause will prevent a court from reading down the restraint if such court is empowered to do so in order to validate such restraint.


14. You will be responsible for rectification and/or compensation for any claim(s) made by a third party in respect of the entertainment services provided by you, or your employees, subcontractors or other agents.

14.1. You will indemnify Exotic X Entertainment against any damage, expense, loss or liability suffered or incurred by Exotic X Entertainment in respect of any breach of this Agreement.

14.2. Exotic X Entertainment does not provide any Worker’s Compensation to you or your agents. Workers Compensation is your absolute responsibility.

14.3. You perform the entertainment services at your own risk and in doing so shall comply with the provisions of all statutes and regulations in connection with providing the entertainment services to client referrals provided by Exotic X Entertainment. You accept all risk involved in performing entertainment services for Exotic X Entertainment and take full responsibility of all injuries that may occur or be caused by you. You waive the responsibility of Exotic X Entertainment in regards to any and all injuries that may occur and accept this as your own.



15. You agree and undertake that you (or your subcontractors or agents) will not, either during continuance of this Agreement or at any time afterwards, use or disclose to any persons, company or body corporate, any confidential information of or relating to Exotic X Entertainment or its related entities.

15.1.Information” means, in respect of the business of Exotic X Entertainment, any information whether recorded on any physical or electronic document that belongs to Exotic X Entertainment or its related entities or which:-

(a) is supplied by Exotic X Entertainment to you;

(b) is generated by you in the course of providing the entertainment services pursuant to this Agreement;

(c) comes into your possession in the course of providing the entertainment services pursuant to this Agreement; and which is not in the public domain.

15.2 "Confidential Information" includes:-

(a) any information marked “confidential” or to the like effect;

(b) any information that you are instructed is confidential or which you are instructed to keep confidential;

(c) any information disclosed to you in the circumstances which would, to a reasonable person, indicate that the information is sensitive, commercial information or information of a kind which, if disclosed to third persons, could or might cause loss or damage (including damage to reputation) to Exotic X Entertainment;

(d) financial information regarding pricing structures, accounts rendered, income, debts, profits, salaries and wages paid, assets and liabilities and bad debts;

(e) information regarding key performance indicators, services supplied, the names, addresses, and other details of clients and customers, terms of the supply of service or service contracts, particular transactions or related information.

(f) marketing information;

(g) strategic information regarding objectives and plans;

(h) procedures, processes, technology and systems relating to the operation of Exotic X Entertainment’s business and related entities.

15.3  You will not make any comments to media, the press, radio or on social medial sites regarding Exotic X Entertainment, Exotic Exposure of any other business of STEVEN REID ENTERPRISES PTY LTD without written consent from Management first.


16. For the duration of this Agreement, Exotic X Entertainment may perform services for other individuals, organisations and companies as well as for you.

16.1. Where you perform work for any business that has been referred to you by Exotic X Entertainment, at any time, Exotic X Entertainment is entitled to 20% of all earnings received as a result of such work performed.

16.2. Where you perform work for any business that is currently under contract with Exotic X Entertainment, Exotic X Entertainment is entitled to 20% of all earnings received as a result of such work performed.


  1. You will not commence a business in the same industry (including, but not limited to; waitressing, adult entertainment, Modelling or promotional) within 12 months of the cessation of your relationship with Exotic X Entertainment.



18. This Agreement may be terminated by either party at any time by notice in writing to the other party, if the other party:-

(a) For any reason, fails to observe or perform any of its obligations pursuant to this Agreement;

(b) Abandons or refuses to proceed with the Services or entertainment services pursuant to a client lead;

(c) Assigns any of its benefits or purports to assign, or otherwise divest itself of any obligations under this Agreement without the written consent of the other party;

(d) Is guilty of dishonesty or gross misconduct in providing the Services or the entertainment services; or

(e) Fails to remedy any breach of this Agreement within seven (7) working days of being requested in writing to do so by the other party.


18.1. Except in circumstances described in clause 19, this Agreement may be terminated by either party on the provision of 24 Hours written notice, which is to be provided by email correspondence to info@exoticx.com.au

18.2. On termination of this Agreement by either party, you will:-

(a) Stop all client work as provided by Exotic X Entertainment;

(b) Take all available steps other than the continuation of work, for the purpose of minimising loss resulting from that termination and to protect the service to the clients and customers;

(c) Deliver to Exotic X Entertainment all property including client and customer lists, and other documentation.

18.3. If you terminate your relationship with Exotic X Entertainment, the terms of Agreement relating to Protection of Business Interests, Non-Solicitation, and Restraint of Trade, will remain in force for 12 months from the date of termination.



19. The terms of this Agreement may not be amended or varied unless by mutual agreement in writing signed by both parties.



20. No rights under this Agreement will be deemed to be waived except where the waiver is in writing and is signed by each party. A waiver by either party will not prejudice its rights in respect of any subsequent breach of this Agreement by the other party. Any failure by either party to enforce any clause of this Agreement or any forbearance, delay or indulgence granted by either party to the other party will not be construed as a waiver of the rights under this Agreement.


21. This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with Commonwealth law and the law of Queensland.



22. Notices under this Agreement may be delivered by email to the parties at the relevant email address as either party may specify by notice in writing to the other from time to time. Notices shall be deemed to be given upon successful transmission of the email.