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Attach Photos & ID

Attach Photos & ID

Step 2. Attach Photos & Photo ID (Proof Of Age)

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NON EDITED PHOTOS: If you can avoid it please try not to send: Group Photos, Selfies, Messy Bedroom/Bathrooms in the background. We would ideally like to see close up photos that are clear with a clean background. 

  • Head Shot
  • Full Body Shot (Head to Toe)
  • Bikini/ Lingerie Shots 



Please send us as many professional photos as you have (if you have any). We use your professional photos to display to our clients and the more variety you have the show more versatility and experience. 

  • You can always email these or send multiple forms online.


 You can provide these by attaching them to the form on the right or you can email us this info instead: info@exoticx.com.au 

Step 3. Read & Agree to the Service Agreement

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