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If your booking is less then 7 days away please call us!

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  • You can either complete the online booking inquiry form on this page.



1: Let us know the Date, Time, Services and Location. 2: Provide us some preferences
  • Either let us know your preferences (give us a few extra as your first preferences may not be available)
  • or we can book the best quality staff available to match your requirements.
3: You will need to pay a deposit to secure and book any services. The remaining amount gets paid on the night. We will need Credit or Debit Cards details or You can do a bank transfer if the booking is more the 7 days away.  4: Once the entertainers confirm the booking, we will then charge the deposit and send you a confirmation text message with a full payment break down. 5: PLEASE READ THE BOOKING - TERMS / CONDITIONS & RULES BEFORE BOOKING NOTE: We receive over 300+ bookings per month and sometimes get booked out months in advance on busy dates. Its best to secure your entertainment ASAP with the deposit.

WARNING - MUST READ!! Scams & Tricks from unprofessional Agencies!!

We hear some horror stories from people who have had their once in a life time event ruined by booking through agencies that were not very professional. Please do your research on the agency you are trusting with your special event.
  • Here are some tips to be careful of:
  • Agencies who do not have a website
  • Agencies who do not display Business Information that verifies them to be a legal business. Eg Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Agencies who do not charge a deposit or take payment upfront to secure the booking. The entertainer you booked could cancel to take on another job if they are not guaranteed the booking is secured with a deposit.
  • Agencies who do not have credit card facilities to charge the deposit generally says a lot about how well their business is established. (Exotic X Entertainment has discreet credit card billing)
  • Non-professional agencies will tell you they have booked your preferred entertainer but then just send whoever is available on the day. We Guarantee that if we book and entertainer and charge you the deposit, We have received a confirmation in writing with the booking reference from that entertainer!
  • Non-professional agencies have been known to display photos of people that don’t actually work for them. These are usually images of google or stolen from other agencies websites. We guarantee you that every photo on our website is of our entertainers that are signed up with us.
Exotic X Entertainment has gone to extensive lengths with our quality assurance processes to give our customers the best service and strive to be the best Adult Entertainment Agency in Australia. We are an Australian wide Company that operates 3 businesses, over 500 staff and customer service staff available by call 7 days a week and late on the week end. 

Bookings - Terms & Conditions

  • ALL guests must be over the age of 18 years old. The entertainers may check ID. If anyone under the age of 18 is present at the entertainment, the entertainment may be stopped with no refund!
  • Our Strip shows require a clean and dry surface of approx 3m X 3m. The stripper will generally bring a CD or IPOD to play for their show, please have a music player or DVD/TV we can use.
  • Motels/ Inside houses: we may need to limit some props and routines so we don’t mess up the room too much.
  • Winter Months/ Cold Temperatures: During colder periods please provide heating if wait staff are working outside or in cold weather. If it is too cold they may need to wear some clothing to keep warm
  • Some suburbs or towns may incur travel fees. We will be able to advise you at the time of booking if the prices are not already on our website.
  • Please be contactable on the date of event in case we need to confirm details. If we can’t contact you the booking may be cancelled with no refund.
  • If you have over 50 people at your event please inform us, you may need a security guard for crowd control. If the amount of people at the event changes significantly then this may effect the performers ability to complete the services to standard. Any changes to a booking must be informed to the agency.
  • If you have a mixed crowd of Female and Male, You MUST inform us as some entertainer may not perform for mixed crowds. No refund will be given if services are not completed to standard due to you not informing us!


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    Please let us know the following information:
    1. Services Required with Start/ Finish Times
    2. Preference's on who you want to book (3-5)
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    Private Party Bookings: A booking fee/deposit is required up front to secure the booking. The remaining amount is to be paid in cash directly to the individual entertainers on arrival. We will inform you of how much to pay the entertainers.

    Corporate Bookings: If you are a business and require an invoice for tax purposes please inform us at the time of the booking as these services are processed differently. 10% GST will be added to the total amount. You will need to pay the full amount at the time of booking and we will email you an invoice for the total services.


    • Exotic X Entertainment has strict policies to ensure our entertainers don’t cancel on your booking. Cancellation from our entertainers without a valid reason supported by documentation can result in the entertainer being fined and there contract cancelled with Exotic X Entertainment. However our entertainers are human and they do get sick from time to time and things can happen that prevent them from working on occasions. If the entertainer booked cancels we will attempt to replace them with another entertainer. If we can not replace the entertainer you will receive a refund on the deposit you have paid to secure those services only. You are booking a service through Exotic X Entertainment, perferences on who you want to work is a preference and not a gaurantee. If we replace the entertainer then you will not receive any refunds.
    • Booking Fees / Deposits are non refundable once the booking has been placed.
    • If you cancel a booking within 24 hours of the booking, the full amount for the services will still be required to be paid. This covers our entertainer’s loss in income from other bookings. This will be charged to the credit card provided to pay the deposit, or may be sent as an invoice to pay by bank transfer. Any late payments will incur a 10% late payment fee added every week it is not paid.
    • If you are booking an entertainer that is travelling from out of town, once you have booked it and confirmed by the entertainer you will be responsible for paying the TOTAL AMOUNT if you cancel the booking. This covers the entertainers cost for flights, accommodation, Hire Cars, Travel Expenses & Loss of Income.
    • COMPLAINTS: If you have any issues with the performance, service, payment or any issues with the entertainer, you need to sort this out while they are present and not after they have left. Calling Exotic X Entertainment after they have left makes it very hard for us to resolve any issues. We are pureley the booking agent of the entertainer and if you are seeking a refund or are not happy with the service then you need to deal directly with the entertainer while they are present so they can resolve the issues straight away. Money paid to entertainers can not be refunded through Exotic X Entertainment as the money is not paid to Exotic X Entertainment. We are happy to help with any complaints but we can not give out entertainers contact details due to privacy policies, this makes its very hard for you to communicate and resolve any issues with the entertainer once they have left.


    Please decide on all the details very carefully before you book. Our entertainers get booked back to back and can not change details or times sometimes. Changes to a booking are very time consuming for our booking staff and entertainers, it can be the same amount of work as organising a new booking. Once a Booking is Confirmed and Booked, any changes will incur a $50 administration fee to change the booking. Any changes are subject to entertainer discretion and availability. If changes can not be made the booking is confirmed as per normal. Normally Cancellation fees apply for any cancellations.


    Exotic X Entertainment will not be held responsible for any accidents or incidents that may or may not occur with any of the contractors/ Entertainers booked through Exotic X Entertainment. Exotic X Entertainment is purely a booking agent for the Entertainers. Any accidents or incidents that may or may not occur will be dealt directly with the Entertainer and the entertainer is responsible.


    Exotic X Entertainment's party plans are operated by a third party supplier. Exotic X Entertainment is not responsible for any incidents or accident and will not be responsible for any damages. All issues will be dealt with the third party supplier directly.


    1. No phones or Camera's. (Photography or videos are not permitted unless authorised by entertainers - not to be published online or distributed) 

    2. No unauthorised touching entertainers. 

    3. No abuse, derogatory comments or throwing things at entertainers- please respect them. 

    4. Entertainers are NOT allowed to provide you with any contact details or phone numbers - SO DONT ASK!

    5. All guests must be over the age of 18 years old.


    If ANY of the rules are broken or our entertainers feel unsafe, they are permitted to leave at any time! There will be NO refund given so make sure all attendants are aware our rules beforehand. 

    Some Entertainer may have additional rules to suit their individual requirements.