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ABN Sign Up Guide & information

How to sign up for an ABN for Adult Entertainment and Modelling & Whats involved?

Australian Business Number (ABN)
All Adult Entertainers & Models are set up as contractors and you will need an ABN to be come a contractor, Its free and takes 5-10mins online.


Advantages of being a contractor in the modelling industry:

  • You get paid the full amount as we don't with hold any tax
  • You can claim a lot more expenses as a contractor then you can as an employee
  • Items that you would normally purchase in your lifestyle are now tax deductible. 
  • You are in charge of your accounts and not your agent


Some items you can claim in the Modelling Industry as a contractor: (Anything relating to your Appearance/ Presentation/ Hygiene)

  • Hair Cuts, Colours, Styling
  • Hair and Skin products
  • Make Up 
  • Clothes/ Lingerie/ Swimwear/ Costumes
  • Fashion Accessories and jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Adult Products, accessories and equipment used in shows or performances
  • Tanning Expenses
  • Health & Nutrition products
  • Phone Credit
  • Fuel


How it works:

  • To get paid by Exotic X Entertainment for corporate clients only, you just need to fill out a invoice for every corporate booking you do. This does not apply to private bookings as the clients pay you and not Exotic X. An invoice is like a Time Sheet, we have made it very simple for our our staff by completing the simple online form, these can be found at www.exoticx.com.au/staff-login 
  • Keep a copy of all your Invoices as a record of your earnings through out the year
  • Keep any Receipts (Tax Invoices) of any expenses you can claim in the modelling & entertainment industry
  • Use an accountant as they get you more back then lodging your tax your self. Give your accountant all your invoices (Income) and your receipts (Expenses) and they will do the rest.
  • As long as you have more expenses to claim then how much tax you owe, you wont have to pay tax at the end of the year. The amount of money most people spend on fashion/ beauty/ clothes through out the year normally totals up to a lot at the end of the year, now you can claim a lot of these items when you use them in your modelling & Entertainment career. Whether it be for a booking, getting photo shoots done to build your portfolio or just maintaining a high level of presentation to be selected for modelling & Adult Entertainment work.   

If you are unsure on anything regarding this process please call us and we will explain it in full as it is a very simple process. 


Applying for ABN:

  • You need your Tax File Number 
  • then go to www.abr.gov.au 
  • You are a set up as "Sole Trader" then you come under the category of "Contractor/ Sub-contractor" working in the industry of "Fashion Model"
  • Follow the guide below if you get stuck