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Online Induction
Exotic X Entertainment has launched our induction course for a VERY IMPORTANT reason! We have too many staff not reading our Agency Agreement because its either "too much to read" or they think they know how we run our business because they have been working in the industry for years. Our staff not understanding what we expect from them and not knowing how we manage bookings has caused issues in the past that have ruined peoples once in a life time event and had a negative impact on our business reputation. This course is designed to put all our expectations into a very short couple of videos and kept in simple terms for everyone to understand! This is all in the best interest of our clients, entertainers and operation of our business. This is just one step Exotic X Entertainment has taken that makes us Australia's industry leading agency to work for! By the end of this induction you will realise a lot more reasons that set us apart from the rest.
Module 1 How we manage Entertainers & Model's
Unit 1 Who We Hire and How?
Unit 2 Portfolio & Advertising
Unit 3 Rates & Payment
Module 2 Bookings
Unit 2 Availability
Unit 3 How to manage your bookings
Unit 4 Cancellations
Unit 5 During & After the job