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Referral Agent Registration

Referral Agent - Terms & Conditions




(The Company)

Steven Reid Enterprises Pty Ltd

Trading as: Exotic X Entertainment & Exotic Exposure
A.B.N: 24 166 912 545
Of: 574 Ross River Road, Townsville, 4814




(Referral Agent)

The business/ company registering online at www.exoticx.com.au 




  1. In this agreement where the context permits:


  1. a) 'The Company' is Steven Reid Enterprises Pty Ltd T/A Exotic X Entertainment or Exotic Exposure
  2. b) 'Referral Agent' is the business referring clients to 'The Company"
  3. c) 'The Client' is the end user who is booking the 'Services'
  4. d) 'Staff' include the Staff or any contactor or employee of 'The Company'

'Services' can include but are not limited to: Adult Entertainment, Modelling, Promotional Modelling, Waitressing, Entertainment, Party Plans & other services 'The Company' provides.

  1. e) 'Commission' is the payment compensation offered to the 'Referral Agent' after successful completion of a booking.
  2. f) 'person' includes a corporation;
  3. g) the singular includes the plural and vice versa;
    h) headings to clauses are included for the sake of convenience only and do not affect the meaning of the clauses to which they relate;
  4. This agreement binds each party's legal personal representatives, successors and assigns


Term of Proposal

This agreement is effective on the date entered into and will terminate upon satisfactory completion of agreed upon services. This Agreement may be terminated by giving  written notice to The Company. The Referral Agent may terminate this agreement based upon mutually agreeable terms to be determined in writing, a written notification sent to The Company in writing. Proposals submitted by the Client are binding upon the Client beginning on the date that the booking form is submitted.


Payments: All Invoices are required to be paid within 7 days from the date of invoice. In all cases the client booking the model will be invoiced and solely responsible for payment unless otherwise agreed to and confirmation given prior to the commencement of the booking. If the Client fails to pay the amounts due, in accordance with these terms and conditions, they will be responsible to pay for all expenses and costs incurred in recovering any outstanding monies, including debt collection fees or Solicitor's costs that may arise.


Provisional Bookings:
If the Client does not exercise their option to release or confirm a provisional booking, The Company reserves the right to cancel the provisional booking, allowing any secondary or definite bookings to take precedence.

Cancellation Fees:
On all bookings, if a job is cancelled: With less than 24hours Notice prior to the commencement of the booking, a cancellation Fee of 100% of the total service Fee for the booking will be charged. If cancelling services with more than 7 days notice but less than 30 days notice, a cancellation fee will incur of 50% of the total service fee. Cancellations with more than 30 days notice will incur no cancellation fee.

Image release: The Company will have full authorisation to use all Photography and media of the Staff captured at the event and the clients have to obtain a release form approval From The Company to publish any photography or media of the Staff. Additional cost may incur for advertising and usage rights. Please speak to The Company regarding usage rights.


Agency Agreement: Referral Agents or the Clients are not permitted to directly approach staff of The Company at or after the Events for additional work other than that as agreed upon in this agreement.  cannot be approached directly and must be booked through Exotic X Entertainment/Exotic Exposure, this agreement is enforced for a period of 12 month after the cancellation of this contract with The Company. Once Exotic X Entertainment/ Exotic Exposure has provided your with a model/contractor, all additional work requirements have to be booked by The Company. A penalty will apply and the client will be responsible to reimburse The Company for all revenue lost and other cost acquired by enforcing this process.


Privacy and confidentiality:

Clients are not permitted to approach Staff of The Company for private and/or contact details or information, under no circumstances are clients permitted to exchange personal and/or contact details directly with Staff of The Company. All and any agreements and information about The Company and the Staff obtained by the Client during the course of this event will be held strictly private and confidential and therefore not disclosed to any other party.


Governing Law: The Company's Staff and clients are required to follow and abide all state and territory laws and legislation throughout the duration of services are provided. If any Laws or legislation is broken by our client or Staff, The Company takes no responsibility for any actions and will not be held responsible for any illegal activities that is against our contracts with our clients or Staff.


Insurance: The Company is the Staff third party booking agent only. The Company will not be responsible for liability and indemnity for any incident or accident occurred to / or by the model/ Entertainer to themselves and others parties present for the duration of this work. We require our model’s/ entertainer to have their own work cover and insurance however It is the Client as the end user to cover the hired Staff insurance while working including travel to and from work.


Rules and Terms: Some general rules for our adult  are - 1. No photography/video. 2. No Touching. 3. No abuse or derogatory comments. If any of the rules are broken the  have the right to cease work and leave. Some entertainer may have additional rules or terms which may be negotiated at the time of the shift.