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There’s a lot to do, in Melbourne, but sometimes the sheer variety of entertainment options can seem a little intimidating. You don’t want to miss out on some of the city’s finest hidden gems because you were distracted by the obvious, which is why it pays to do a little bit of digging when you’re searching for a way to curate the perfect experience for you and your friends. Perhaps nowhere is this as evident as in Melbourne’s adult entertainment world, which is burgeoning with talent at both ends of the spectrum. While it’s certainly not hard to find less-than-stunning adult performers out there, the truth is that you can easily find head-turning talent when you go to the right sources.

So, where’s the best place to find strippers in Melbourne? Well, before you start Googling strip clubs in your neighbourhood, stop and think for a second: what if the best strippers in Melbourne aren’t found at an establishment, but rather through a professionally managed service? What if you could access a whole range of premiere adult entertainers simply by finding a company whose mission was to connect you with them? That’s reality at Exotic X, a former branch of the Exotic Exposure modelling agency now dedicated to the finest adult entertainment.

Our connections to the modelling world help ensure that all our performers have what it takes to provide truly stimulating service, no matter what the occasion—buck/hen party, birthday, or nearly any other private get together. Furthermore, our connections to Adrenaline Adventures and Activities allow us to oversee every detail when it comes to planning and orchestrating your party. We can easily provide luxury transport, atmospheric locations, and the perfect music to set the tone for any event. If you’re interested in serving food, you can even hire some of our world class topless waitresses for the evening. At Exotic X, your options are limited by little more than your imagination.

Hiring Reliable Topless Waitresses in Melbourne

Exotic X is bringing class and style back into adult entertainment in a big way. Our responsible policies and exacting professional standards help ensure that our topless waitresses and strippers are always up to par when it comes to essentials such as punctuality, dependability, and respect. Of course, that’s not to say that any of our talent is necessarily straight-laced (unless that’s the way you like it). We’re here to help you have a good time, after all.

Professionally Managed Entertainment

How do we make sure that the people who represent our brand provide consistent quality in every encounter? With us, it’s all about communication. Our booking and management system makes sure that the strippers or topless waitresses you ask for confirms every job in writing before the date in question, and we make sure to remind them on the day of your event to eliminate the risk of a calendar mix-up occurring. When you hire talent through Exotic X, you can count on getting exactly what you want. Call today!

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